Note – Before Contacting us

Please ensure you have read the following information before contacting us. We may unable to reply outside of office hours (Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm).

We also recommend trying the platform on an alternative device and browser. We recommend Google Chrome. Also, privacy settings can stop our system monitoring progression. So please make sure these are checked.

Online Training Portal

We realise that not everyone can be technologically minded, and have come up with the following guidelines for completing an online course with us.


Please be advised all courses have to be purchased. You may receive a discount code to enter, and if you follow the product purchase through, you will also register with us. This will create a learner profile, and we recommend using this area to see course progression and manage your details.

If you do not list your First and Last Name correctly, your certificate will not display correctly.

Course Progression

Each lesson and the task has a “Mark Complete” button at the bottom. You need to click this once you are happy you have understood each section.

Videos must be watched in full to allow course progression on timed courses.


We have completed Task sections throughout our online courses. This is to ensure courses are related back to your workplace, and avoids overloading with text and videos.

It is important our courses are engaging, and we feel these tasks help with this. If you have any suggestions for these, please contact us.

Knowledge Reviews

There are a number of knowledge reviews throughout the course. You need to score 100% on these to progress. We have done this to ensure you fully understand each section, and we feel this helps ensure learning.

Final Quiz

Our final quiz has a pass mark of 80%. We realise people make mistakes, and some areas can be harder than others so you can have three attempts at the final quiz. As this is an online training course, you can go back and review learning sections before retaking the quiz.


You will receive a certificate at the end of your course via email which can be printed off. Please ensure you have your profile set up correctly, to ensure your certificate has the correct information.

If you would like to request a physical copy from us, there will be an additional charge for this service.

Technical Issues

Our platform has been built and tested on various devices. However your system may cause issues if you have not updated your software for your browser or device to the latest available.

Please also check privacy settings on your device. Our system uses functional cookies to monitor progression for regulated courses. If these are disabled by default, you may not be able to progress.

Please try a different browser and device, prior to assuming our system is at fault. We recommend a windows device running Google Chrome.

Completing the Course

We make every effort to ensure our courses are easy to follow. However, if you have any issues, or you notice a fault with the online course, please contact us, and we will reply shortly.

Further Questions

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